Loretta O'Donnell, 59, of Mount Laurel, NJ, a former journalist and public relations officer, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in March 2010. She is a married mother of a grown son and daughter. After surgery for a colon resection and to remove tumors on her ovaries, she began chemotherapy at Cooper University Hospital and began volunteer writing for their cancer newsletter. Her first round of chemo was successful but after six months, cancer activity began again and she started a second round of new chemo in 2011 for cancer in her liver and abdominal lymph nodes. That chemo kept the cancer stable until November 2012 when tests showed progression in her liver and she started a new chemo pill just approved by the FDA. In December, she discovered Say YES to Hope and the BeatLiverTumors.org website. That site and its founder, Suzanne Lindley, helped her learn more about the options and decide to try the relatively new internal radiation therapy known as Sirs-Spheres when the chemo pill is no longer sufficient. The radioactive tiny seeds or beads are injected through an artery into the liver where they kill the cancer cells with little damage to healthy liver tissue. She expects to have the treatment later this year.
Loretta O'Donnell