Vicki Lehman
Vicki was a busy woman. She was always running errands, checking in on her grandkids, checking in on her parents, and just keeping the roads hot. Her favorite pastime was shopping. She could shop like no other and found all the bargains that could be found. She always found things that we all needed even before we knew we needed them.

She was the ultimate caregiver. Her husband, kids, grandkids and family were always her main focus and always put everyone else before herself. Once she was an empty nester she still manged to fill her days caring for other children and the elderly. Not only was she a big part of her own family but she was a big part of the families she cared for as well.

A major part of her focus became helping others through support and advocacy two cancer organizations, YES Beat Liver Tumors and Imerman's Angels. She made many friends and helped countless individuals with her involvement. YES gave her so many amazing opportunities such as lobbying on capitol hill for early scans, attending celebrity award shows and promote survivor support at medical conferences help throughout the country. Those that she met through these organizations became some of her closest friends and they continued to give her support and motivation every day.
Vicki loved life and family. She truly was the best.