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I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in Mar. 2001. The first step was to remove half my liver, but within a year the cancer (from the bile ducts) spread to the remaining half. I then went on many different
clinical chemo trials, some of which worked, some which did not work. I also had cryoablation a couple years ago which got rid of several spots except for those in critical areas which could not be treated. I then
went on more chemo -- some worked for awhile (oxaliplatin and capecitabine worked for 1 1/2 years), then more chemo which did not work.

Last November, after the preliminary prepping, mapping and inserting of metal slinkies in the veins in October, I had the Sirs Spheres radiation beads inserted in the liver.

Since then I've had several scans. The first showed small shrinkage, the rest showed a stable condition. The most recent scan (last week), 8 months after treatment, still showed my condition to be stable. I should mention that I only had one treatment, because I'm told the protcol is for a single treatment for each lobe of the liver -- and I only have the one lobe of course.

I also want to say how lucky I feel to live in Wisconsin and be relatively close to the Univ. of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center -- which has kept me alive and kicking for over 6 years.

The photo is of me (73) and my sister (76).]
Jerry Daniels
Jerry Daniels