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Hope in the Sand

YES co-founder Suzanne Lindley has experienced, like everyone diagnosed with cancer, a journey that has taken many turns; filled with trials and tribulations. At a particularly low point, she confided her fear and hopelessness to Cancer Care social worker and friend, Keith Lyons. He responded with a picture that changed her outlook and quite possibly her future. It was a photo of hope in the sand. He told her that all she had to do was look at the picture and hope would be with her whenever she needed it.

She carried the picture everywhere and at a recent conference shared that she must have looked at it a million times a day. The hope it provided fueled her over the hurdle that she faced at the time and has helped her over many more since.

The story has been shared time and time again.

With one person, one picture, one word......hope has been inspired around the globe. We have received over 1000 pictures of "Hope in the Sand." Each conveys a message. Some are filled with the same fear and need for hope that she experienced while others share celebration, milestones, and miracles. Still others hold tender memories. Our "Hope in the Sand" video provides five minutes of shared hope.

Together, these pictures shout the message "WE ARE NOT ALONE!!" Join us on our journey to deLIVER Hope by sharing your picture and the hope that you have discovered in spite of the ups and downs of cancer.

Remember that your donations, small or large, help us deLIVER Hope to others!

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