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FRIENDS for the Journey


What does FRIENDS stand for?


For Receiving Information, Education, New Developments, and Support


YES's "FRIENDS for the Journey" program is a valuable community of information, education, new developments, and support. The first few days, weeks, and even months after a diagnosis of liver tumors can be confusing and frightening. For those who have just learned that they are living with liver tumors - their families, friends, and loved ones - this priceless service provides a direct link to others who are experiencing or have experienced life with liver tumors.


For anyone interested in talking with a FRIEND, simply dial the YES Survivor Line at: 1-877-937-7478. You will quickly and easily be paired with a new FRIEND. This FRIEND will be someone who has a similar diagnosis, has undergone specific treatment, or has experienced concerns similar to your own. We make every attempt to find a match within 24 hours.


FRIENDs are not medical professionals and will not give medical advice!! However, they will share important life experience that may help guide you on your journey. FRIENDs have been through volunteer training and understand which questions they may be able to support and which ones need to be addressed by a physician rather than a peer. However, much of the time it is perspective and personal experience that is being sought - a little bit of hope and a sympathetic ear. We can provide a match with someone that has made the same choice, gotten past it, and is on the road of survivorship. Above all, FRIENDs ensure that you have hope for your journey.




FRIENDs are available for both survivors and caregivers.


What can a FRIEND do for me?


Inspiration and hope come from having a FRIEND. Sharing will allow you to examine your personal cancer journey and prognosis, provide powerful insights into your ability to choose the quality of your survivorship, and empower you to reclaim your strengths and abilities so that you, too, can become your own best advocate.


When will my FRIEND support begin?


Every attempt will be made to match you with a FRIEND within 24 hours of your phone call.


When will my FRIEND support end?


FRIENDS are here for the journey and the relationship is yours to explore. Our program is designed for the designated FRIEND to offer support and stay in contact for a period of three months. In some instances, continued shared experiences are either unwanted or not necessary and that is taken into account. You can communicate as seldom or as often as you would like and the friendship can last days, weeks, months, or continue for life.


Where does the FRIENDship take place?


Most friends meet via email or over the phone and sometimes through regular mail.




It is important that no one faces cancer alone.


How can I become a FRIEND or how can I be matched with a FRIEND?


Call our toll free Survivor Line at 1-877-937-7478.




FRIENDS for the Journey is made possible by charitable contributions from Genentech, Lilly, and Sirtex Medical




Toll Free Survivor Line



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