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Jean DiCarlo Wagner, MA is a six year colorectal cancer survivor. After cancer, she became a yoga teacher to help other survivors find a gentle way to reconnect with their body, mind, and spirit. Jean teaches a weekly class at the YMCA in San Diego and volunteers for Yoga Bear. Jean also works with Silver Age Yoga. Her training includes Meditation-in-Movement style yoga by Lanita Varshell, Silver Age Yoga Certification, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher working on a 1,000 hours of yoga teaching, Arthritis Foundation Training and Pre-Natal and Restorative classes. Jean works with the Yoga Education Socity as an event coordinator and will be working on Yoga Day 2010 to bring a day of focus on yoga practice for friends, family members, caregivers, and cancer patients. She has conducted Yoga classes at The Liver Symposium - Chicago and The Liver Symposium - Denver. In addition, she has graciously provided the meditations to the right for the benefit and inspiration of cancer survivors.


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